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Norman Reedus and Ian Somerhalder ride for Endymion in New Orleans

In tonight’s Endymion Parade in New Orleans, Ian Somerhalder of TV’s “Vampire Diaries” and “Lost” road as Co-Grand Marshal with Norman Reedus of “The Walking Dead” and “The Boondock Saints.” Each had their own float, of course, and had separate toasts with Mayor, Mitch Landrieu.

While Mr. Reedus stayed at the top for his toast, Mr. Somerhalder was down among the musicians that were serenading him on his ride. After exchanging toasts with Mayor Landrieu, the celebrities went on their merry way.

They were followed by members of the court and then the King and Queen of the Endymion Krewe. While the toasts with the mayor were exciting for those present, the crowd was more exciting once the millions of beads were flying into the stands.

In addition to the beads there were many other goodies including frisbies, stuffed animals, balls of various sizes and types, dubloons, glowing rings, necklaces, and other jewelry.

Travel to Canada, but Should You Become A Canadian Resident?

Why Become a Canadian Permanent Resident? That’s one question you may already be wondering, especially if you’ve done some research into what the process requires. It isn’t easy to become a permanent resident, after all.

Plus, there are other options available if you want to work or study in Canada. Short-term, temporary visas are issued to workers and students that allow them to live and work in Canada.

So why become a permanent resident? The answer is simple: you’ll have more rights.

When you become a permanent resident of Canada, you are entitled to most of the sam e rights and privileges as a Canadian citizen. Below is a list of a few of these rights:

  • You are entitled to equal treatment and equal protection.
  • You are entitled to certain legal rights, such as; to be presume innocent until proven guilty, to be provided with an interpreter in the courtroom, if necessary, to have a lawyer.
  • You have the right to enter and exit Canada as you see fit, plus you can move freely from province to province.
  • You can work and study anywhere you choose in Canada (you cannot hold some high-security government positions, however.)

While most of these rules also apply to temporary Canadian residents, there are some social service benefits that are only or primarily designed to help permanent residents and citizens of Canada.

These benefits include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB) – For families with children under the age of 18 who are considered to have a low-income, the Canadian government provides monthly tax-free payments to help cover expenses.
  • Old Age Security, Guaranteed Income Supplement, and Canada Pension Plan – All three of these programs are designed to provide financial support to workers after they reach retirement age – currently age 65. To be eligible, you have to meet specific residency requirements and to have contributed to the system by paying taxes in Canada. However, most permanent residents will qualify for at least partial payments from these programs.
  • Universal health care – Most necessary medical expenses are covered through the Canadian universal health care program. These expenses include visits to emergency room, immunizations, yearly exams, etc.
  • Free education – All children under 18 are entitled to a free education in the Canadian public school system.
  • Maternity and parental leave – In Canada, working parents are given time off when a new baby is born or adopted. Women can take up to 12 months of maternity leave and receive 50 to 65% of their normal income. Partially paid parental leave is also available for up to 35 weeks. One parent can take all 35 weeks or both parents can split the allotment of time (i. e. one parent takes 20 weeks while the other takes 15 weeks). To be eligible for parental leave, you must have worked in Canada for at least 600 hours.

All of these benefits and more become available to you when you are a permanent resident of Canada.

Additionally, being a permanent resident gives you the opportunity to become a Canadian citizen after only three years of living and working in Canada.

Once you become a citizen, you can run for political office, become involved in political activities, and vote in elections. You can also maintain duel-citizenship, so you don’t have to give up citizenship in your home country just to enjoy the benefits of Canadian citizenship.

Top 6 family friendly attractions in Omaha, Nebraska

Living in Kansas City means that there are some spectacular big cities within only a few hours drive. One of those great cities is Omaha, Nebraska. If you are starting to plan your Spring break adventures, or even some Summer getaways, Omaha should definitely be on your list. Only a 3-4 hour drive depending where you live in the Kansas City metro area, it won’t be long before you will be enjoying all that Omaha has to offer.

1. Omaha Children’s Museum

500 South 20th Street
Omaha, NE 68102
Phone: (402) 342-6164
Fax: (402) 342-6165
Email: [email protected]

This fantastic museum caters to children of various ages through their exhibits and programs. On the daily schedule you will find story time, crafts, demonstrations and more. These special activities are happening regularly, so there isn’t a bad time to arrive and start the fun. In addition to the regular exhibits, there are special temporary exhibits that change throughout the year making this attraction one you will want to frequent.

2. Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium

3701 S. 10th Street
Omaha, NE 68107
Informational Recording:
(402) 733-8400
Guest Services:
(402) 733-8401

The Henry Doorly Zoo is one of the country’s most impressive zoo’s with the largest cat complex in North America, the largest nocturnal exhibit and indoor swamp, one of the world’s largest indoor rainforests and the largest glazed geodesic dome in the world housing the world’s largest indoor desert. In addition to these amazing exhibits, there are many more to see covering an expansive 130 acres. The aquarium, which you will find inside the zoo, has 17,000 animals and 1.2 million gallons of water. (ref) In addition to the animals, this zoo also contains several rides that might interest your family. The train, carousel, tram and Skyfari are fun breaks for tired feet. This zoo is not to be missed and will take you all day to explore.

3. Lauritzen Gardens

100 Bancroft Street
Omaha, NE 68108
Phone: (402) 346-4002

While it may not sound like something the children will be interested in, it actually is a fun place to visit. With expansive walking trails your children can definitely get some wiggles out while enjoying a lovely landscape. While some of the gardens might need just a quick pass through, your kids will not want to miss the amazing Rail Road Garden. With numerous trains and notable buildings, this garden is very entertaining. Since there are 100 acres on the property, you should plan several hours for this picturesque stop.

4. Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge

705 Riverfront Dr
Omaha, NE 68102
Region: Downtown / Old Market
Phone: (402) 444-5900

This pedestrian bridge links two states together. In the middle of the bridge you can stand in two states at once: Iowa and Nebraska. On the Nebraska side of the bridge landing there is a splash pad for kids to enjoy on warm summer days. If your lucky there will be an ice cream cart selling cool treats to eat. On the Iowa side of the bridge landing is a large park. Take a stroll on the bridge and have fun watching the boats on the Missouri River float by.

5. River City Star

151 Freedom Park Rd
Omaha, NE 68102

The landing for the River City Star is a few miles up river from the Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge. This lovely old-time riverboat offers sightseeing cruises during the day. These cruises last an hour and explain some of the history of the Missouri River as well as some Omaha history. There are also occasional lunch cruises and dinner cruises in the evenings. River City Star is available for rental for your own private charter as well. The River City Star operates from April-October.

6. The Durham Museum

801 South 10th Street
Omaha, NE 68108
Phone: (402) 444-5071

Housed in the old Union Station building, the Durham Museum offers up treasures of days gone by. In the main waiting room is a permanent exhibit of restored statues. In the basement you will find trains, recreations of buildings in Omaha’s past, a coin collection, children’s activities and more. The Durham Museum also features traveling exhibits which make it fun to visit multiple times throughout the year. A visit to the Durham would probably last half a day.

With all of these family friendly activities, you could plan your trip to Omaha to last a weekend or a week. On top of these attractions there are restaurants, sports teams and electic shops to explore. Omaha would make a great vacation destination for the whole family.

Some Significant Advantages of Hiring Tour and Travel Company

These days many people are depending upon the tour and travel firms for visiting places. There are many advantages of relying on a travel company for planning and organizing your trip. Generally, a tour agency offers prepackaged tours that save plenty of your time in planning for the trip and creating necessary reservations and arrangements. Moreover, packaged tours are more economical than unplanned or self planned tours. Apart from being economical in terms of cash and time, a tour company takes a decent and a good care of your comfort and convenience in order the trip becomes gratifying and unforgettable for you. Booking a packaged tour additionally saves you from the strain of having to deal with things like reserving buses and hotel bookings. One major advantage of hiring a tour company is that the travel agents might sketch the best itinerary that works for you and fits in well among your schedule.

A purported trip company might fetch you engaging discounts and offers on reservations and bookings. Therefore, by selecting a tour package you will save lots of cash. Moreover, these trips are typically in teams or groups that create the trip pleasurable and enjoyable. The price of accommodation and rentals for buses and different conveyance is split amongst several that reduce the price of holidaying for every traveler. The representatives of a travel agency will take you to the numerous places at minimum expenditure.

If you attempt to set up for a visit to a new place by yourself you will typically realize that there are several mistakes seeping in the plan. You may find yourself staying in an exceedingly unhealthy space, might not be able to get all the comforts that you simply had thought of, or would possibly find yourself paying lots of cash unnecessarily on the trip. That’s the main reason why you must let a travel agent or a tour operator do all the planning and reservations while you simply sit back and revel in your trip. By relying upon a trusted and reliable travel company you would be ready to get ample time for creating the trip unforgettable and loves all the fun a place has to offer.

So, are you ready to hire a well establishes tour and travel firm for your holidays? They conjointly provide you the essence and charm of the packaged tours to international and national traveler destinations and make your trip worth living.

Eighty degrees in Phoenix – what are you waiting for?

Right this minute is the right time to be in Phoenix, Arizona. Right now the weather is perfect. Right now there are plenty of fun things to do in Phoenix. Right now there are great restaurants waiting to serve you in Phoenix. Right now some of the finest resorts and spas in the world will open their doors to welcome you.

If you’re a baseball fan the Diamondbacks have a full slate of games for you to enjoy, with a lot of special promotions to add to the enjoyment of your favorite sport. One special event will be a Zero Waste day when it is planned to recycle every bit of food and solid waste generated during the game. This is in conjunction with a special City of Phoenix initiative called Reimagine Phoenix.

The Hotel Palomar Phoenix, the Royal Palms Resort and Spa, the Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort, the Ritz Carlton Phoenix, and W Scottsdale all have special Cactus League packages for baseball fans.

The Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort and Spa will soon be ending its Storytelling and Song program involving the culture of the Maricopa and Pima native peoples of the area. Check in by March 15th for the final event of the season. Beginning on March 29th, the resort will be coordinating with the Arizona Science Center for a special month-long celebration of Mother Earth.

Arizona Restaurant Week is May 17-26, but you don’t have to wait until May to enjoy the fine cuisine at Phoenix cafes. In recognition of the pre-season baseball fever in Phoenix the Westin Kierland Resort is offering its Triple Play Promo where diners can enjoy a 20% discount at any of the resort’s three restaurants – just present a 2014 Cactus League ticket stub.

Be sure and check out the Visit Phoenix website for more dining choices.

Not to be missed in Phoenix is a great opportunity to view and enjoy the finest Native American art and crafts to be found anywhere. Both the Heard Museum and the Pueblo Grande Museum offer wonderful examples that can be found nowhere else. They both put on special annual events that you can learn more about by visiting their websites. The Pueblo Grande Museum has a really fun event in early March that allows you to try out some interesting artifacts of Native life. Be the first person in your circle of family and friends to use an atlatl!

This is just a sample of the fun in Phoenix. There is a lot more to do in Phoenix and you’ll just have to discover it for yourself. Enjoy the sunshine and . . . Keep on Traveling!

Plan a springtime covered bridge escapade in and around Lititz, Pa.

Lititz in the heart of Pennsylvania’s Amish Country is just filled with quaint surprises, like small industries and delicious food. With all the attractions in Lancaster County, Lititz is a quaint town without the touristy feel.

With over two dozen covered bridges in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Dutch Country tourism has arranged five driving tours specializing in the covered bridges and other attractions. Spend a two day tour of the bridges and attractions laid out specifically for a weekend or mid-week getaway.

Day One

Zook’s Mill Covered Bridge built in 1849 over the Cocalico Creek.
Erb’s Mill Covered Bridge built in 1849 over the Hammer Creek.
Keller’s Mill Bridge was built in 1873 over the Cocalico Creek.

Day Two

Café Chocolate of Lititz specializing in Chocolate, this café offers lunch and dinner with delicious salads and soups and specialty hot and cold drinks.
Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery since 1861, is the oldest pretzel baker in America making this delicious treat. See pretzels being made and get a lesson in pretzel twisting, but if you cannot wait until spring, you can purchase online here.
Landis Mill Covered Bridge was built in 1873 over the Little Conestoga Creek.

For more information and map route for this itinerary go here, have a wonderful time, and don’t forget to bring your camera.

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Lutes Casino is a fun place in Yuma

If you’ve been to Wall Drug in Souh Dakota, you know the spirit of Lutes Casino in Yuma, Arizona. It’s the state’s oldest pool hall, but who wants to play pool when there is so much to eat and look at. Yes, that is an old cowboy boot plunging through the ceiling and a plane gliding overhead. Suspended from the ceiling are a full sized Signal Gas sign and a sign for Western Union. Wall art, ceiling art, and standing curiosities give the casino a weird-dream ambiance. Lutes describes the art as “early eclectic. If that is too fancy a term, just think “interesting junk.”

Confusing and baffling eye candy is a great setting for live music pounding out of the piano and a happy-go-lucky Bob wandering around with badges proclaiming “I said ‘no’ to Bob. (I said “yes” but got a badge anyway, but no free beer.)

Lots of locals, lots of travelers, even a few kids smiling and bonding and proud to be “where the elite eat.”

So what’s to eat? Just like a kid, I can never decide if I want a hot dog or a hamburger. Lutes has solved this culinary confusion by offering a hot dog cheese burger with or without hot sauce. Add chili cheese fries, and you will know you have had a meal. Potato tacos have a cult following,, so order one for the table and pass it around.

Lutes is one of those fun places where you can take the kids. Men can feel safe from outlaws and pool cheaters because the men’s room has a window configured so the user can keep his eye on the room. Ladies must take their chances, but in the spirit of the Old West, ladies are a protected species, especially if they say ‘no’ to Bob.

As a companion to your Wall Drug tee-shirt, or to start a collection, buy the Lutes tee shirt. People who know Lutes will be sure to stop and say “howdy” even if you are cruising the Greek islands.

Cheap Hotels in Canada-Canada Cheap Hotels

Cheap Canada hotels are well designed and equipped to ensure that the business as well as leisure travelers prefer to stay and enjoy their trip to Canada. Notwithstanding, cheap hotels in Canada offer special rooms for physically challenged people so that there are no problems for such people. In addition to providing excellent accommodation facilities, cheap hotels in Canada offer ideal ambience and high standard of hospitality.

Tourists traveling to Canada can opt from plenty of options in terms of accommodation facilities in the country. Accommodation facilities in Canada are considered one of the best in North America; whereas cheap hotels in Canada are comfortable, these hotels are affordable at the same time. The high standard services offered by various hotels in Canada ensure that travelers have an unforgettable holiday experience in Canada.

Cheap hotels in Canada are known for their higher standard of hospitality and perfect ambience. Canada cheap hotels provide a friendly ambience to travelers so that they can enjoy the travel and revisit Canada. Hotels in Canada hire professionals who help in the delivery of seamless services in hospitality and accommodation. Notwithstanding, cheap hotels in Canada provide advance reservations for room bookings and many of them are opened for online booking.

Room facilities are available round the clock in Canada. Cheap hotels in Canada offer excellent range of accommodation services to travelers who flock in large numbers to various cities. Additionally, cheap hotels in Canada have well-furnished rooms. In addition to well-furnished rooms, cheap hotels in Canada have Big screen TV’s, Video’s and Stereo CD’s – a full enjoyment package. All the rooms in Canada cheap hotels are fitted with air conditioners so that there is no complain.

Some Major Cheap Hotels in Canada

Cheap hotels in Canada possess facilities such as microwave, stove, dishwasher, and large refrigerator with icemaker, waste-disposal and a wide variety of utensils amongst others. Weather condition in Canada is conducive for travel and tourism. Ice skating is a popular sport during winters in Canada. As Canada has an extensive coastline on its north, east, and west, there are some beautiful beaches which attract travelers from around the world.

Canada is considered a leading producer of dairy products. Additionally, because of its vast size, Canada has more lakes than any other country, containing much of the world’s fresh water. Fresh-water glaciers in the Canadian Rockies and the Coast Mountains make it one the loveliest place to live in. Being an advanced industrial nation, research plays a key role for economic development of Canada. Additionally, Canada’s high-quality scientific and technological development is renowned throughout the world.

A number of tourist destinations in Canada including of Barrie, Collingwood, Hamilton, Huntsville, Kitchener, London, Mississauga, Niagara Falls, Ottawa, Owen Sound, Sarnia, Toronto, Windsor, etc. have a number of cheap hotels. Known for offering extensive range of standard accommodation facilities, cheap hotels in Canada are ranked for hygiene and hospitality. Notwithstanding, cheap hotels in Canada not only provide attractive and accommodation stay, the stay is pleasing and economic.

Pick your favorite flavor

Who can resist an ice cream, even in winter? Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream is an American ice cream company with the principal factory in Waterbury Vermont. Receive a free sample of their best after seeing how it’s made.

Its factory tour is one of Vermont’s most popular tourist attractions. The tour begins with a short video about its history and company’s founders. A bird’s eye view of the production room demonstrates their manufacturing process of ice cream. The tour ends with an ice cream sample of a new flavor with more ice cream to purchase in their gift shop.

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield founded this premium ice cream brand in 1978. Ben & Jerry’s produce ice cream, sorbet, frozen yogurt and ice cream novelty products. The company history is one of the great American dream. It begins by two childhood friends who upon college graduation decided on a unique career direction.

In 1977 they completed an ice cream making correspondence course offered by Pennsylvania State University’s Creamery. In May 1978 their $12,000 investment opened an ice cream parlor in a renovated gas station in downtown Burlington VT. In 1980 operations were expanded in larger quarters with ice cream packed in pints.

The factory is open year round. Manufacturing is scheduled five days a week from Monday through Friday, closed on major holidays. Guided tours are conducted every 30 minutes the last daily tour 1 hour before closing.

Tour hours
November through June
10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
June though August
9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
August through October
9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Tour fee
Adults – $4
Seniors – $3
Kids 12 and younger – free
1281 Waterbury Stowe Road
Waterbury, VT

Ben & Jerry’s winter festival is Saturday March 1, from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM offering free tours all day. They give free ice cream cones for moms on May 11, 2014, and free cones for dads on June 15.

Waterbury is a town of 5,064 population 24 miles northwest of Montpelier. It is 28 miles east of Burlington and 11 miles south of Stowe. Nearby Waterbury is Mt. Mansfield, the highest peak in the state. Montpelier is the state capital, a center for insurance and granite quarrying industries with a population of 8,035. Stowe is a town of 4,314 population with New England’s finest downhill ski runs.

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream is a 338 mile drive of 6:15 hours from Rochester NY. Drive I-90 east to Albany then north on US 87 past Glen Falls exit to route 4 east. Continue route 4 east across Vermont to US 89 before the Vermont border. Drive north on US 89 past Montpelier to Waterbury. Exit from US 89 on exit 10, 1-mile north on route 100 follow signs to Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream.

Here’s what one visitor thought of the tour.
“The facility is bright and bubbly and the kids loved it!”

Online Air Ticket Booking-A Cost Effective Way to Fly in the Air

Online Air ticket booking service has become a viable alternative for those who travel frequently through flight.

With the rapid technological advancement, the face of traveling has been changed a lot. The fact is that it is not used to be the same as it was in the earlier times. More and more people are traveling a lot due to less price and discounted air tickets, hassle-free online air ticket booking and a plethora of amenities, pleasure, as well as comfort provided during traveling. Travelers can go to travel agent to save a considerable amount of money in flight reservation but at this time of advancement and internet it is very awful to spend extra buck on agent commission. Online flight booking is quite convenient as well as straight forward with several buttons click away; save good time as well.

For looking cost-effective airline tickets travel agents helps enough. These people can really do wonders when it comes to suggest individuals in taking right decision and are qualified experts. The good news is that these people used to discuss cheap flight deals. Plus, they are quite aware of all the necessary details and information related to flights. These professionals assist the interested parties in doing right booking when they need it. However, the truth is that at this computerized age paying extra bucks to agent as a commission is quite painful. There could be no denying to this fact that this age has resulted in clearing a number of hurdles. Simply put, online air ticket booking’s advent has made the process of getting ticket convenient. The only need is of a computer system with internet. I would say that both of these things are easily accessible as well as make online booking easy.

There are a plenty of websites available on the World Wide Web through which online air ticket booking became easier and one need not go outside and they can make booking at any time anywhere. The interested individuals are needed to fill the forms which are available on these websites. In short, online payment options are also available on these sorts of sites. Such sites are tailored to cater the requirement of regular travelers. Most of the discounted deals are also provided to pull a significant amount of customers where cheap flights can be available.

People who seriously have a desire of traveling through flights should always plan and make booking in advance. This is because the booking done at last moment always cost costly and can burn one’s pocket easily. Lastly, while planning for the travel one is highly recommended to keep an updated information regarding fares like high, mid, low season of fare.

Such informational sites also come up with the offerings of membership to the passengers and one can become its member quite conveniently and keep get news regarding the air flight fare offers or about the flights. Plus, they also provide cheap air flight deals. Using these websites one can easily make comparison in services and price offered by different airlines. On a final note, such techniques of evaluation assist individuals in finding tickets which are in their range of budget.